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recently added

  • Not Another Zombie Movie

    Franklin and Mike find themselves trapped in the undead-infested Cyrene City, where they must attempt to lead a group of unconventional survivors to safety. As they join forces with the likes of a pregnant woman, a moronic arms dealer, and a mentally challenged man, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombie mayhem. While this uprising of zombies has overwhelmed the city, Mr. Roberts, the CEO of R2 Pharmaceuticals, has sent in a team of mercenaries known as the S.I.E.G.E into Cyrene City to recover the only known antidote for his own financial gain. Not Another Zombie Movie... About the Living Dead is a hilarious twisted tale about survival versus morality during a zombie apocalypse. Watch as these survivors discover there is no such thing as a hero when zombies are trying to eat your face off.

    Distributor: Jay Davis   |  duration: 0mins
  • Scavenger Killers

    A no-holds-barred, wickedly modern spin on the Bonnie and Clyde legend, SCAVENGER KILLERS features a stellar lineup of classic character and veteran genre actors including Eric Roberts ("In Cold Blood", The Dark Knight), Charles Durning (The Sting, North Dallas Forty), Robert Loggia (Scarface, Independence Day), a Tourette's-stricken clairvoyant FBI agent played by Dustin Diamond ("Saved by the Bell"), scream queens and Playboy Bunnies, and more.

    Distributor: Maxim Media   |  duration: 0mins
  • Realm of Souls

    Last year, a group of filmmakers set out to investigate 13 of the most haunted locations in Georgia with the goal of collecting supernatural footage to use in their next horror film... They never returned. What they unleashed was an evil that lies deep within an ancient site of unholy terror. Lead by Chase, the director, the group of eight actors, filmmakers, and crew have become a family. Together they have investigated many haunted locations without incident until they venture deep into the infamous area known as The Devil's Tramping Ground.

    Distributor: Maxim Media   |  duration: 0mins